Image and Video Rights Explained

Copyright and image/video rights can be confusing.

In the photographic environment, copyright constitutes the intellectual and artistic rights of the individual that created the images or video.

Unless otherwise informed in writing, Hellovaview's Aerial Photography and Video will retain copyright for any images or video it creates. This of course does not affect the person or organisation which commissioned the work from being assigned image and video usage rights.

In general, if you have commissioned Hellovaview's Aerial Photography and Video for a shoot, you will be assigned all image and video rights of use for your own purposes without having to check or request approval.

The restriction is that the client cannot sell or loan these images or video to any third party without prior permission from Hellovaview's Aerial Photography and Video.

Whilst we are not assigning copyright to a client, we are assigning them a licence to use the work for their own purposes.

An example of this would be where a roofing company commissions us to shoot a roof. The roofing company can use the images or video for their own purposes and to promote their company. If a third party contractor who contributed to any part of the building or roof work wishes to uses the images to promote their own company then they must pay a fee to obtain a licence to use these images or video.

The licence purchased by the contractor does not entitle them to “pass on” or sell the images or video to a third party to promote a separate business or individual.

In common sense terms, in general, if you did not contribute to a shoot financially or in some other way, it is unlikely that you will be able to promote your company with our work.

If in any doubt, find out who owns the copyright and get their explicit permission in a way that can be recorded before using the work in any way.

For advertising purposes, fees and contracts will be in place prior to shoots where fees charged would reflect the scope and usage of the project.

It is our moral and legal right to be credited for our work wherever possible.

Link to the intellectual property office website here for more information.